Why quick fist clamps are the answer to mounting equipment while on the move

Supplier: Ovesco By: ovesco
18 July, 2019

If you work in an environment that demands a lot of driving, whether off-road or down busy freeways, you will know how important it is to keep your gear secured.

If you work in an environment that demands a lot of driving, whether off-road or down busy freeways, you will know how important it is to keep your gear secured. With the turbulent nature of the paths you travel, it’s important to prevent equipment from moving around so it doesn’t become damaged, or cause damage your vehicle. 

Cargo nets, fasteners and clamps can help keep items locked down, but they don’t give you quick accessibility to equipment if you need it during your travels. If you’re looking for a reliable product that will keep your gear secure on the road whilst also providing easy and fast access as you move between sites, quick fist clamps are the ideal solution.

Simple to install and easy to use, quick fist clamps are available in an assortment of types that cater to different sized and weighted equipment and tools. 

How do quick fist clamps work?

Quick fist clamps use an easy in - easy out latching action to keep your equipment secure. A range of sized clamps cater to equipment with a diameter between 13-762mm and can be easily mounted to a surface with screws, bolts or industrial super glue. 

Their ease of use and installation make them an ideal option for mounting equipment safely and securely pretty much anywhere. You can mount them inside your vehicle or workshop to hold tools and equipment, or on the external of the vehicle to keep equipment within easy access as you move between locations.

What are quick fist clamps made from?

Quick fist clamps are made from a durable, transport-grade rubber that is not affected by heat, cooler climates or UV light. The heavy-duty material is long-lasting, making the clamps reliable in high-demand environments and preventing them from falling apart after a couple of years of use.

The rubber coating on quick fist clamps secures equipment in place and also ensures your tools are not scratched or damaged whilst travelling through bumpy environments.

Where can you use quick fist clamps?

Besides the peace-of-mind they offer that your equipment will be kept secure, even in the roughest environments, one of the best things about quick fist clamps is their versatility. 

Quick fist clamps are a reliable solution for a range of uses, including on work vehicles, trailers, fire and police cars, military equipment, 4x4s, boats, off-road trucks and more. 

Our customers use them to hold shovels on the exterior of military vehicles, rescue ramps on the roof of a 4x4, fire extinguishers in an accessible location on boats, equipment inside and outside a ute tray, and to easily organise and access tools displayed across the wall of a workshop. They are also just as useful to hold equipment, torches or even fishing rods at home in the garage.

For a lightweight, economical, non-rattling and durable clamp solution, quick fist clamps are difficult to beat. 

ovesco provides a range of quick fist clamps designed for easy installation almost anywhere and catering to a range of equipment and uses. Click here to view our range.